Bulk Gravels

Limestone 3/8"

Used to top dress a small driveway and parking areas. Also great for drainage. This is white limestone.

Limestone 3/4"

Driveway gravel. Has no fines in it. This rock is used to top dress your driveway and behind retaining walls and around lateral pipes. Not recommended for flower bed areas. This is white limestone.

Base Limestone 1"

Base rock is used as the first layer on a new driveway and also as the first layer under patio stones or pavers. This product has sand and gravel together.

Bedding Sand

This is crushed white limestone that will compact. Good to use under above ground pool construction and as the top layer under stones and pavers for patios.

Creek Sand

Screened and washed from the creek. This is your sand box sand. Brown in color. Will not compact.

Creek Gravels 3/8"

Small brown and white gravel. Great for play areas, flower beds and walkways. Also good in dog pins.

Creek Gravels 5/8"

This is the most popular size and color for flowerbeds. Great for walk paths and french drains.

Creek Gravels 1"

This size is great for landscaping and walkways.

Creek Gravels 2"

Brown and white gravel. Great for sloped areas and established planting areas. Will not move with the blower.

Creek Rock Mix

Creek Rock mix is a brown and white rock that contains a mixture of 3/8", 5/8" and 1" rocks. Can be used on driveways or landscaping.

Trap 1"

This is the most popular size in this stone. Great for planted areas and walkways.

Trap 2"

This size is good for sloped ares as it will not move easily. Also a blower works well with this around areas that have leaves.

Alabama Sunset

Multi-color and rounded. Is great for landscaping and water features.

Missouri Blend 3/8"

Multi colored creek gravels blended together. Mostly rounded in shape. Great for playgrounds and landscaping.

Missouri Blend 1"

Multi colored creek gravels blended together work great in all size beds. Mostly one inch in size.

Tulsa Rainbow

Mostly 2" size. Great for established flowerbeds. This is a granite.

Colorado Cobbles 2"

This is a colorful granite, mostly 2 inch in size.

Colorado Cobbles 3" - 5"

This is a colorful cobble that ranges in size about 3 to 5 inches.

Cherokee Red 3/8"

This is a naturally red colored creek rock that is mostly rounded. This is great for play areas and landscaping.

Cherokee Red 1"

This is a naturally red creek rock mostly 1 inch in size.

Earl Gray

This is a dark gray with some whites and gold tones. It varies in size from 1 to 2.5 inches.

Silver Slate

This is an amazing looking rock.

Glacier Pebbles

Hot new item - very beautiful rock.


Beautiful new rock in our inventory.


Another beautiful new decorative rock in our inventory.

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